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D3.3 is the outcome of task 3.2 Design of DORA Services, whose aim is to concretize the new services for the two pilot sites to be integrated in the overall DORA system. Using the input of task 2.4 and task 3.1, concrete functions for the different services have been defined.

The final version of the DORA Architecture was provided in deliverable D3.2 DORA Architecture, where the overall system was extensively explained. The DORA services are classified as City Node Services and Central Services, depending on the fact that the DORA components can be located in a cloud environment since it is independent from local infrastructure and hardware. The DORA Central Services include the D2D Journey Planner component, the Flight Routing Service, the Indoor Routing Service, the Intermodal Landside Router, the Indoor Location Service, the Maps Service and finally, the Trip Monitoring Service. The entire communication between all frontends, Central and City Node Services is realized through the API Gateway via the two open DORA interfaces: Open Application API and Open Service API. The open source tool WSO2 API Manager allows internal and external developers to access the DORA Central and City Node Services.

In this deliverable, the DORA Central Services and the DORA City Node Services are described, but with different levels of detail. First, the detailed specification of the DORA Central Services, in which all functionalities are described and illustrated in an Enterprise Architect diagram showing the connection of each functionality to involved external components, internal modules, and technical requirements. Afterwards, the different internal modules required in order to provide all functionalities are described. And finally, the functionalities of the Central Service are illustrated via sequence diagrams, showing the interdependencies between different components, in addition to the information flows and the detailed processes required to fulfil the mentioned functionality of the service. Each functionality of the Central Service is illustrated in a separate sequence diagram. In contrast, the City Node Services are described roughly with reference to the developer API, in order to shorten the extent of this deliverable. In addition, the related DORA requirements (see deliverable D 2.4 Technical and Legal Requirements for more details) are listed for each City Node Service.




Santiago Martínez, German Martínez, Patricia Bellver, Jan-Niklas Willing, Konstantinos Koutsopoulos, Benjamin Molina, Philippe Martineau




Services, design and definition, specifications

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