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This deliverable D2.3 is the outcome of Task 2.3 Definition of Use Cases, whose aim is to define DORA scenarios and use cases that will lead to the DORA specifications. Therefore, the purpose of this document is to define the most relevant use cases in order to specify all the possibilities of the DORA system, to obtain a usable set of features for the development and to extract best scenarios to be deployed and demonstrated later on.

The outcomes of this deliverable will be a key input in deliverable D2.4 Technical and legal requirements, which consists of a report on the technical and legal issues to take into account for the development and integration of the components of DORA information system.

The document starts with the initial scenario descriptions, use case definition and purposes. The use case methodology here is adapted to the particular needs of the DORA purposes.

Next, a table with an overview of all the DORA use cases is presented, including the classification based in the DORA components. The relation of these use cases is shown at the use-case diagram.

Finally, the description of use cases is presented. Each use case is extensively developed using a specific template.

The document will end with a summary reflecting the main conclusions. The list of use cases intends to cover all the possible situations and functionalities that the DORA system will provide to the main users involved (passengers, operation centres) but once the system architecture and the services specifications will be defined in the forthcoming tasks, a realistic yet feasible selection of the use cases to be demonstrated might be taken into consideration.



Patricia Bellver, German Martinez, Jan-Niklas Willing, Tom Schilling, Carlos E. Palau, Benjamin Molina, Konstantinos Koutsopoulos, Jörg Becker, Alexander Pilz, Carles Petit, Philippe Martineau, Samir Djulancic




Use cases, scenarios, use-case diagram

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