Technical and Legal Requirements


Executive summary

This deliverable D2.4 is the result of the requirement definition process in tasks 2.4 (Technical Requirement Analysis and Specification) and 2.5 (Legal and Regulatory Requirement Analysis and Specification). The objective of this report is to define all requirements that have to be taken into account for the upcoming specification activities in work package 3 (DORA Concept Specification).

The requirements are based on the use cases and use case scenarios defined in D2.3 and translate those into technical and legal framework conditions. The main outcome of this deliverable is a list of altogether 151 requirements (140 technical and 11 legal requirements) that were collected and coordinated with the help of the VOLERE requirement analysis tool. The VOLERE tool provides an iterative instrument to collect, validate and revise all requirements with the involvement of all developing partners. The different work stages of the VOLERE process were carried out between M4 and M9.

The definition of technical requirements shows that all partners have generally the same understanding of what each component has to perform and how different components interact with each other. However, different dependencies and conflicts between requirements as well as component-specific uncertainties could be identified. Based on the discussion supported by the VOLERE tool, these problems could be solved by clarifying or modifying certain requirements.

The legal requirement analysis mainly focuses on data protection topics as real-test users will be involved in the later stages of the project. Different data protection legislations on European and national level were analysed and translated into specific requirements that will be considered for the data protection concept of the project.

The main results of the mentioned tasks can be found in chapters 5 and 6 where the final and harmonised list of technical and legal requirements is presented.



Jan-Niklas Willing, Tom Schilling, Konstantinos Koutsopoulos, Benjamin Molina, Patricia Bellver Munoz, Germán Martínez, Philippe Martineau, Jörg Becker




Requirements Analysis, Requirements Coordination

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