Initial Specification of the DORA Architecture


Executive summary

D3.1 Initial Specification of the DORA Architecture sets the starting point for the further specification of the DORA system. The document describes the methodological approach for the development of the DORA technologies and applications and provides a draft version of the overall architecture of the DORA system. The presented concept will be revised based on the finally defined use cases (D2.4), further elaborated and documented in D3.2.

The document summarizes the preceding technical discussions between the DORA partners. It outlines their joint view on the DORA system architecture and a methodological approach on how to realize the DORA system in its full complexity.

The DORA system will integrate services already existing in the test sites as well as new services that are going to be developed within the project. This is a particular challenge for the technical coordination of the project, as different development methods are required and have to be harmonized in an overall time plan. The results of the methodological discussions between the technical partners and the corresponding time line for the further specification and development activities are summarized in Chap. 2 of the document.

Due to the DORA scope to integrate the information services already available at the test sites a detailed status analysis of data, services and interfaces has been conducted for the Berlin cluster and the Palma de Mallorca cluster. The results and recommendations on what system components should be integrated in the cross-border DORA system is documented in Chap. 3.

Based on this a first draft of the DORA system architecture is depicted in Chap. 4. The overall system is described and the underlying services are initially described and the planned frontends of DORA system are outlined.




Dr. Jan Kätker, Claudia Baumgartner, Jan-Niklas Willing, Tom Schilling, Kontstantinos Koutsopoulos, Benjamin Molina, Eneko Olivares, Carlos E. Palau, Samir Djulancic, Philippe Martineau, Germán Martínez, Santiago Martínez, Patricia Bellver




System Architecture, Available Data and Services, Interfaces

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