Specification of DORA Application


Executive summary

The present deliverable concludes the work carried out in task 3.3 on the specification of applications between months 9-14. It has been written in parallel to the specification of DORA services in deliverable 3.3 and represents the final report of work package 3.

This deliverable gives a detailed description on each application to be developed within DORA project. This is done with a comprehensive specification approach which defines the features that each application provides; each feature in turn consists of different so-called Functional Building Blocks which represent certain functionalities as part of a feature. The specification approach is concluded by providing different diagrams for each feature illustrating what processes happen inside the application and how the application interacts with other components in order to provide this particular feature. In addition the specification approach reflects the different use cases and requirements defined in tasks 2.3 and 2.4.

A total of 29 features and 110 Functional Building Blocks have been identified and described in this deliverable providing a comprehensive overview on what functions the applications have to include and how this will be achieved. By providing detailed sequence diagrams for each feature all required data and communication flows between the different applications and services are specified and agreed on. Graphical drafting of the UIs including wireframes and mock-ups will be done in WP4 and will be included in an agile manner in the realization of the applications. In summary it can be stated that with the results achieved in this deliverable all preconditions for the upcoming software and component development work are set.




Konstantinos Koutsopoulos, Apostolos Palladinos, German Martínez, Santiago Martínez, Patricia Bellver, Christiane Reinsch, Antero Kutvonen, Benjamin Molina, Alexander Pilz, Jörg Becker, Dr. Jan Kätker, Claudia Baumgartner, Jan-Niklas Willing, Tom Schilling




Application, Front-end, User Interface, GUI, App

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