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This report describes the DORA awareness and dissemination strategy and defines the approach, direction and objectives of the project dissemination. DORA awareness and dissemination activities concern market, transportation and tourism activities; therefore, they address a wide range of interested parties, such as public administrations and bodies, cultural, academic and research institutions. It follows that the dissemination and awareness strategy needs to have both broad coverage as well as focused effect. This deliverable report identifies the objectives of dissemination, information to disseminate, its target audiences and the communication channels for disseminating the information produced. Furthermore, it describes how dissemination is managed within the consortium and which tools are available for partners as well as providing a link to the exploitation of the results, which is covered more extensively in a separate report (D7.6 Exploitation plan) at the end of the project.

The DORA dissemination strategy seeks to best support generation of expected project impacts as well as create wide awareness to facilitate successful exploitation of the DORA solution post-project. The layered dissemination model builds around the core innovation and allows effectively matching dissemination targets to activities and managing parallel activities. Another key principle is proactive planning of individual activities and systematic monitoring of dissemination progress.

A variety of dissemination channels is used in parallel to address all the relevant stakeholder audiences that are identified in this report. The partners are provided with tools both off- and online along with guidelines on their targeted audiences and usage. A cloud-based software platform, Eurestools Dissemination Tracker, is utilized to support and control the dissemination process.

Dissemination management follows the principles of proactivity, timely information flow, systematic and objective-oriented action. The strategy explains the rules and agreed practices of dissemination management as well as describes the processes for planning and approving dissemination activities. Data management and exploitation topics are introduced but will be covered in detail in following deliverables D1.2 and D7.6, respectively.




Antero Kutvonen, Lea Hannola, Benjamin Molina, Carlos Enrique Palau Salvador, Marius Doerbandt, Halid Hrasnica, Sibylle Kolb




Dissemination, quality assurance, management, partners guide

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