Dissemination plan and database of dissemination activities


Executive summary

This deliverable D7.2 Dissemination plan and database of dissemination activities reports on the realized dissemination activities for the first year of the DORA project. It also outlines the dissemination plans regarding the following one year period. Beyond listing realized and foreseen activities it also describes the current evolution of the dissemination approach and reports on the interactions with the DORA Advisory Board.

The initial phase of the project has focused on establishing the capabilities and processes to support a high intensity dissemination effort that is expected in the following periods. This groundwork has taken place on three key areas: establishing strategy, tools and processes; connecting to key stakeholders and networks and; initiating awareness building.

The following period will see a marked increase in dissemination efforts across all the partners as well as a change of priorities brought about the progress in developing the solution and moving into the beginning of the live trial phase. The dissemination plan identifies multiple potential venues of dissemination and provides a list of key project outcomes to utilize as the core of the dissemination messages. The ongoing dissemination planning process will support structuring and managing the increasing intensity of efforts in this upcoming period.

Establishing the Advisory Board to its current composition was done in the first six months of the project (including signing non-disclosure agreements), after which the consortium could begin to utilize the board for the user requirements and market research purposes. The Advisory Board has contributed in one dedicated meeting and through direct interviews to these activities. The following year is planned to include the second Advisory Board meeting as well as an evaluation workshop and a live demonstration of DORA technology targeted at the board members.




Antero Kutvonen, Tom Schilling, Claudia Baumgartner, Patricia Bellver, Halid Hrasnica




Dissemination, management, activity report, plan

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