DORA Architecture


Executive summary

This deliverable D3.2 DORA Architecture finalizes the task 3.1 on specifying the reference architecture, interfaces and data models. Taking up the previous work in this task started with deliverable D3.1, this report concludes the architecture and interfaces specification activities.

This deliverable illustrates that a wide range of different software tools have been used for specifying the architecture and publishing the interfaces. The main tools used are Enterprise Architecture for UML Modelling and architecture overviews and WSO2 as the API Gateway for DORA developers and third parties interested in accessing the DORA services. 

Summarizing the final architecture specification it can be stated that a common data modelling and interface convention has been applied taking into account the previously defined architecture requirements of scalability and transferability. Furthermore the system architecture is illustrated in detail and checked against some of the main DORA use cases such as Trip Planning, Trip Monitoring, Indoor Positioning, Indoor Navigation or Ticketing. 

To support the transferability of the DORA solution to other cities and airports, the DORA interfaces on the one hand support an easy integration of additional service and data providers into the DORA environment, and on the other hand provide interested third parties and their applications an easy access to the range of different central and city-node services. As a result of the specification of the interfaces including a detailed definition of the data model of each API function, a profound basis could be set for the following services and applications specification tasks and the subsequent development work.



Dr. Jan Kätker, Claudia Baumgartner, Jan-Niklas Willing, Tom Schilling, Konstantinos Koutsopoulos, Benjamin Molina, Eneko Olivares, Carlos E. Palau, Philippe Martineau, German Martínez, Santiago Martínez, Patricia Bellver




Reference Architecture, Open Application Programming Interfaces

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