Use cases and Sustainable Business models for reTHINK


Executive summary

The conventional telecommunication industry is attacked and deprived of their central role in the world of communication now for years. But while new players are constantly stepping into the market, more and more communication silos are build. The services hardly “talk” to each other. reTHINK aims to change that and at the same time tries to identify new roles for the stakeholders in the ecosystem to reclaim status, customers and in the end revenues. The document in hand approaches the topic by defining future communication and service scenarios, use cases and business models and also examines the impact of the development onto business process and ecosystems. In a first step the service scenarios have been classed among the topic “Smart Cities/ Smart Enterprises”, corresponding Use Cases have been identified, the business role of a broker (of different characteristics) will be central for the future very agile service worlds and eco systems and the business processes for hyperty lifecycles and partnership management have been designed








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