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This document, the DORA deliverable D5.2 “Pilot Implementation Plan” is an update of the deliverable D5.1 that describes and schedules the activities required to properly execute the DORA trial. It describes operational and organizational activities of the DORA pilot which will be carried out in Berlin and Palma de Mallorca, involving airports in both cities and the surroundings regions. This deliverable also describes the technical set-up in terms of hardware and software implementation, enabling execution of the pilot.

The pilot target is to involve 500 passengers departing or arriving to TXL airport in Berlin and PMI airport in Palma de Mallorca as test users for the pilot. The DORA consortium has agreed an encouragement model to recruit the test users/passengers, in order to ensure quality feedback from the field tests on the use of the DORA Smartphone App and entire DORA door-to-door real-time journey planner.

Originally, the open trials by involvement of reals users/passengers were scheduled for the period September 2017 – May 2018. However, because of operation cancellation of major flights between Berlin and Palma de Mallorca in autumn 2017, the DORA pilot had to be put on hold until April 2018, when re-launch of the flight operations is expected. Accordingly, the DORA project consortium submitted an amendment to extend the project duration, and with it the pilot duration, until September 2018, which was accepted by the EC.

The focus of the pilot will be on testing the usage of the Smartphone App during travels, where the feedback from the test passengers will be collected by means of several user questionnaires. The tests by the test passengers are follow-up of various testing sessions project organized during summer 2017 with so-called friendly users, selected participants of usability workshops, etc., activities organized within the DORA WP6.

The DORA Smartphone App is available at both Google Play Store (Android) and Apple Store (Ios), for free download and several dissemination and marketing activities are forecasted to support the users recruitment process.  Moreover, The DORA consortium has agreed on an encouragement model to recruit participants to ensure quality feedback on the use of the DORA Smartphone App during the trial period. Corresponding training activities will be continuously performed during the pilot, to help the test users to use the DORA App and its interfaces.

The technical set-up description provided in the deliverable covers the software implementation both on service and application site, and the implementation of hardware components for indoor positioning and waiting-time detection at both trial airports, making the pilot sites technically fully operational and ready for the pilot.




Patricia Bellver, Jan Kätker, Claudia Baumgartner, Jan-Niklas Willing, Michael Abraham, Norman Döge, Benjamin Molina, Konstantinos Koutsopoulos, Diego Llorca, Ricard Sanso, Patricia López, Halid Hrasnica




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