Technical Evaluation and Assessment report


Executive summary

This report focusses on the result of the Technical Evaluation and Assessments carried out within DORA. Other evaluations were tasking at assessing usability aspects, the impacts or the process of the project. They will be reported in a separate Deliverable. Technical Evaluation has evolved along the development phases as an integral part of the development sprints that have produced the final DORA infrastructure, service and application prototypes. The testing processes during the development sprints have consolidated both interface and information model details as well as service internal workflows for optimum performance. The effectiveness of this process has been proved indicatively in the case of the modification of the Flight Service at no extra development or integration cost with respect to the other services and processes.

In the last phase, along the integration work, the evaluation addressed the overall DORA platform operation focusing on information availability and accuracy, performance of backend services and handling of information in the DORA mobile APP and also in WEB GUI. During the last two quarters of the project time plan several test cases were compiled and executed against Central and City Node Services, by extensive utilisation of the DORA API and the DORA API Gateway service endpoints, and the processing of the results has been performed to produce two separate views.

The process has been iterative in terms of a regular provision of feedback to development teams and re-execution of test to validate the improvement.

Similarly, the DORA WEB GUI and the mobile APP were extensively evaluated regarding issues such as data input, information visualisation, incident management and other aspects that are considered important for the end user experience. Again, all findings were reported to the development teams for taking them into consideration during the subsequent technical improvement steps. As there are some pending integration issues with respect to complete the support of indoor location, indoor navigation and SmartWatch assistance an overall evaluation of these aspects is expected to be provided in an updated version of the document.

Overall, the Evaluation process has verified that the DORA platform and applications have evolved properly and the released versions can support the intended user experience according to the concepts addressed by the project use cases.




Antero Kutvonen, Halid Hrasnica, Konstantinos Koutsopoulos, John Vavourakis, George Giannopoulos, Athanasios Kokkinis, Benjamin Molina, Tom Schilling, Germán Martínez, Philippe Martineau, Michael Abraham




Evaluation, Performance, Stress Tests, Indoor Location, Navigation, Waiting Time Detection, DORA APP, Incident Management, Central and Local Services

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