Pilot showcase at TXL and PMI


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This deliverable reports on the public Pilot showcase demonstrations organized by the DORA project to widely present its main results both to the expert community as well as to the general public and to showcase the concrete advantages of using the DORA system and application. The dissemination activities reported here are rooted in the DORA pilot sites at Berlin and Palma de Mallorca and also served to promote the adoption of the DORA service by users. This report is only the accompanying document of the showcases deliverable, because the actual deliverable were the showcases themselves.

The document first summarises the considerations that went into planning the showcase activities to maximise impact, serve the purpose of the project as well as the business interest of the project partners. Then it goes on and present and document the showcase activities performed by the project at the ILA 2018 show in Berlin and at the Smart Island World Congress in Mallorca. We finally conclude with an assessment of the success of the activities performed.

The two showcases served the project objectives well and helped to reach out to a broad audience, encompassing both the expert community as well as the general public.




Adam Kapovits, Stéphanie Ah Tchou', Tom Schilling




DORA showcases and promotion

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